DEHNsure Zebula Lodge

Lightning protection innovation for thatched roofs

Unsightly freestanding masts, which are on average 20-25 metres tall, have been used for the protection of thatched roofed structures against lightning strikes for many years.

DEHN Africa introduces DEHNsure. A complete, isolated lightning protection system with DEHN approved, tested and proven components.

DEHN has cover for professionally approved installations of DEHN products, which is extended to a customer that has such a system protecting their thatched roof structures in a better looking and safer way.

What if lightning protection masts could be aesthetically pleasing and effective?

The DEHN HVI lightning mast is mounted directly on top of the ridge capping, making it both more effective and more aesthetically pleasing compared to conventional free-standing masts.

The mechanical support of the lightning mast is critical to ensure stability during lightning and extreme weather conditions. The supporting tube is fastened by means of specially designed mounting brackets, enabling the insulated conductors to run easily down the rafters / beams.

Benefits of the DEHN HVI masts for thatched roof structures

It has been proven to be very cost-effective, both from an installation and maintenance point of view.

  • All parts used have passed strict standards of manufacturing and testing
  • Parts are easy to replace
  • Practical access to the roof is not necessary to begin the installation process
  • The HVI masts are more wind-resistant
  • They have a proven better safety record than the traditional free-standing masts
  • They are far more aesthetically pleasing
  • They are fast to install (less than a day)
  • They can be taken down and redeployed
  • Optional lightning related electrical & electronic protection cover available when installing DEHN SPDs
  • Professionally approved installation is covered for a period of 2 years

Thatched roof lightning protection done right

The DEHNsure concept has received strong support from many insurance underwriters due to the technical expertise and product quality offered by DEHN Africa. This is underpinned by over 100 years of lightning protection experience, as well as our confidence in our innovative HVI lightning protection system, and the fact that we allow only trained and accredited installers to install our products.

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