DEHN protects cell sites
DEHN protects cell sites

Lightning and surge protection for cell sites

Ensure network availability and reliable operation
Increasing demand for 5G technology means that we need higher transmission capacities and better network availability. New cell site locations are constantly being developed for this purpose – the existing network infrastructure is being modified and expanded. There is no question about the fact that cell sites must be reliable. Nobody can or wants to risk their failure or restricted operation.


Why bother with lightning and surge protection?
The exposed location of mobile radio masts makes them vulnerable to direct lightning strikes which could paralyze the systems. Damage is often also caused by surges, e.g. in case of nearby lightning strikes. Another important aspect is protecting the personnel working on the system during a thunderstorm.


Ensure the availability of your installations and systems – protect human lives
A comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept provides optimum protection and high system availability.

FAQ cell sites

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning lightning and surge protection for cell sites.


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