DEHN schützt Industriegebäude
DEHN protects industrial buildings

Keeping production rolling

Lightning and surge protection as well as personal and plant protection ensure that plants and production processes are permanently available.

Sensitive technology and automation systems of Industry 4.0 require protection. Machines, plants or sensors communicate with one another and permanently exchange information. This requires a consistent flow of both power and information.

These systems must run reliably even in case of thunderstorms and surges since a production outage entails high costs and can have existential consequences.

Avoid this risk and protect your production processes by means of a carefully planned lightning and surge protection concept for the building shell, power supply and data technology.

Protect your employees with the help of personal protective equipment and your plants with the help of the DEHNshort arc fault protection system.


Protection concepts – Product recommendations

Avoid unnecessary risks and implement an efficient protection concept by taking the following measures


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