DEHNconcept - Planning for lightning and surge protection systems

Our services include the development of concepts for internal and external lightning protection systems and range from simple office and administration buildings and parts of installations to large industrial plants for all kinds of industry sectors such as:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Biogas
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power stations

We develop overall concepts for isolated and conventional air-termination systems of complex installations in line with the IEC 62305 standards (SANS 62305) on behalf of, for example, architects, electrical consultants and lightning protection companies.

The concepts include drawings, mounting details, bills of material, specification texts (tender texts), concept descriptions and material offers. To develop a professional concept, we need some information. Therefore, we will ask you to fill in a project datasheet before we submit an offer.

Our services include:

  •     Earth resistivity test, including report
  •     Risk assessment, including report
  •     Site assessment, including report
  •     Consulting and basic design, including offer for concept development
  •     Consulting, including detailed engineering and cost-optimised design, with bill of materials
  •     General drawings of the lightning protection system (CAD)
  •     Detailed mounting drawings of the various parts of the protection system (CAD)
  •     Calculation of separation distances according to IEC 62305
  •     Description of the lightning protection concept

Required information:

  •     Selected class of LPS of the object
  •     Earth-termination system of the object
  •     Photos
  •     Drawings (if any)
  •     Dimensions of the object to be protected
  •     Ex zone plans (for  system located in a hazardous area)
  •     Information on the wind load (wind speed, building height above sea level)


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