DEHN schützt Zweckbauten
DEHN protects functional buildings

Keeping work processes up and running

Whether modern work stations, office buildings or commercial premises – they all require reliable technical components to fulfill their function. Outages must be prevented.

Smart buildings and thus modern work environments depend on sensitive networked technology: Building automation, KNX systems, LED lights and sensitive security, data or communication technology, to name but a few. Lightning effects and surges put people at risk and lead to downtime and damage to buildings as well as expensive sensitive technology. This results in high replacement and repair costs and loss of productivity, e.g., if entire departments are paralysed and not able to carry out their work.



Ensure trouble-free operation of office, administration and functional buildings
with an effective protection concept to counteract the effects of lightning and surges.

Protection concepts – Product recommendations

Prevent unnecessary risks and implement an efficient protection concept by taking the following measures

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