Mounting bracket for sloped roofs

With this corrosion resistant (StSt V2A) mounting bracket you can mount air-termination systems on metal roofs with slopes of up to 53°.
Simple. Precise. Clean.

Giving you the flexibility to meet various everyday challenges on the building site.

Perfect for sloped and arched roofs. For both the HVI Lightning Protection System and conventional air-termination rods.

Always on the safe side

The mounting bracket for metal roofs is lightning current-tested with 100 kA (10/350 μs) according to IEC 62561. That means that the metal roof can function as a down conductor when mounting conventional D40 air-termination rods. In this case, all the prerequisites for ‘natural conductors’ must be fulfilled, i.e. all component connections must be capable of carrying lightning current.

Tested by DEHN

Dimensioned according to Eurocode: this means ensured stability of the air-termination system under all expected wind gust and stormy conditions.

Use the following table for your planning. It will help you to quickly find the right products depending on the gust wind speed for the area. Alternatively, contact us to help you.

Dimensioniert nach Eurocode

Table: Mounting bracket - dimensioned according to Eurocode.
Max. wind speeds in km/h for installations on metal roofs using the mounting bracket

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