Arc fault protection dialogue

Determine arc fault protection measures in the dialogue

On this page you will find aspects that you can discuss with your colleagues in the form of an arc fault protection check list. Every company has different starting points. Develop your company's own comprehensive arc fault protection concept.

Structured procedure

Protection against arc faults should be considered in every company with electrical installations according to the circumstances. Necessary measures should be reviewed in a regularly recurring process.

Choosing the right protection goals

In order to take the necessary measures, it makes sense to define protection goals. This way you check if the measures taken lead to the desired outcome.
Work on electrical installations may require different protection goals: e.g.

    Protecting employees during operation and maintenance
    against electric shocks and arc faults (e.g. external service employees)
    The reliability of the power supply to your systems with the maximum tolerable downtime

Determine the status quo


  • which work
  • is performed by whom
  • on which installations
  • and how work is performed with which tools

The risk analysis: The basis for your arc fault protection concept

The basis for your comprehensive protection concept can be the risk assessment as per german DGUV-I 203-077, international IEEE 1584 (2018) or american NFPA 70E (2021. In phases you determine how high the risk of a possible arc fault can be. The result influences the selection of your protection measures against arc faults and documents your decisions.

Start a discussion with your colleagues

Invite your colleagues and talk about outcome of above mentioned topics. (goals, status quo, protections measures, risk analysis)

Start with one of the six fields under the large, coloured protection goals

Follow the Hierachy of Risk Controls

As a general rule, hazards are always eliminated at their source. If this does not suffice, further preventive measures can be taken as per the hierachy of risk control in accordance with NFPA 70 E.

Elimination: e.g. disconnect all electrical equipment completely
Substitution: e.g. internal arc flash mitigation system (IAMS)
Engineering controls: e.g. adjustment of circuit breaker settings
Awareness: e.g. arc flash labelling
Administrative controls: e.g. planned work procedures
PPE: e.g. arc-rated PPE

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