DEHN schützt bei Störlichtbögen
DEHNcare – personal protective equipment

Protect human life against electrical accidents

In addition to electric shocks due to direct contact with live parts of an electrical installation, arc faults are an often underestimated risk when handling electricity. The thermal effects can be fatal for personnel working on electrical installations or equipment.

Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity

Article 2 of Germany's Basic Law stipulates: ≫Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity≪. Binding for all people, this also applies to work on electrical installations. While the Basic Law lays out the general principles, the German Occupational Health and Safety Act describes in more detail the obligations of employers and employees irrespective of the size of the operation.

Follow the Hierachy of Risk Controls

As a general rule, hazards are always eliminated at their source. If this does not suffice, further preventive measures can be taken as per the hierachy of risk control in accordance with NFPA 70 E.

Elimination: e.g. disconnect all electrical equipment completely
Substitution: e.g. internal arc flash mitigation system (IAMS)
Engineering controls: e.g. adjustment of circuit breaker settings
Awareness: e.g. arc flash labelling
Administrative controls: e.g. planned work procedures
PPE: e.g. arc-rated PPE

Personal measures: Well-fitting protective clothing against arc faults for your employees

In addition to the installation of appropriate switching technology (technical measures), the PPE against the thermal effects of arc faults provides some degree of protection against arc faults and protects your employees when working on electrical installations. In addition to a reliable technical protection function, wearing comfort plays a crucial role nowadays. What use is the best equipment if it is not worn properly? Unsuitable, bulky or poorly fitting protective clothing that restricts freedom of movement or obstructs vision is in itself a potential accident hazard. Look for excellent wearing comfort and a modern, sporty design. This is how you increase acceptance among your employees, while simultaneously contributing to accident prevention.

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