Easy. Safe. Robust.

Optimum availability of safety and security systems

Burglar alarms, voice alarms, fire alarms, transmission systems - these are all components which report danger in the area monitored. They must always function reliably. False alarms should be avoided.

This is why lightning and surge protection measures are essential for all hazard alarm and security systems.

BLITZDUCTORconnect - the safe, perfectly fitting solution

Security systems include a wide range of information and communication technology with numerous different interfaces and signals. BLITZDUCTORconnect always provides you with the right product variant.

  • For high availability of plants and systems.
  • For reliably functioning alarms in control systems.
  • For simple, practical maintenance - even from a distance.
  • For an effective protection concept for buildings.


Your benefits

Ensure system availability, optimise staff capacities, gain space


With BLITZDUCTORconnect you

Ensure system availability
The signal circuit is protected against surges and remains available even in case of arrester overload. This is particularly relevant for hazard alarm and security systems since they must always be fully functional.

Optimise staff capacities
Remote monitoring simplifies inspection and maintenance. This reduces the time spent on servicing.

Gain space
In fire alarm systems, a separate room is required for the control panel to ensure fire protection and functional integrity. As such rooms are often rather small, the slim design of the arrester is of great benefit here.



Protection for people and buildings

Protection of people and buildings is the top priority in security systems. This means that reliable system availability is of utmost importance.

If an arrester fails due to surges, the system must continue to operate and protect people.

The fail-open function disconnects overloaded protection modules from the signal circuit so that the system remains functional even if an arrester fails.




Maintenance made easy

Optimise staff capacities

A compatible remote signalling unit makes it possible for you to report the status of the arresters directly to a control system.
The wiring effort during installation is minimal thanks to the active transmitter and receiver unit with passive reverse unit.

The mechanical status indication always provides a complete overview. Failure of individual arresters due to overload is immediately apparent through the red inspection window.



Safe installation without tools

Makes for quick and easy maintenance

Safe and precise removal of plug-in modules in the smallest possible space: the secR release buttons makes it possible. This prevents an adjacent module from being pulled out accidentally.






Compact or modular?

The right arrester for every application

The BLITZDUCTORconnect product family includes compact and modular devices. All arrester variants have a width of only 6 mm.

Modular arresters consist of a base part and protection module. The module locking mechanism fixes the protection module to the base part and is vibration and shock-tested.

Your advantage in terms of maintenance: Only the overloaded module has to be replaced. This quickly restores the surge protection for the system without the need for rewiring.

BLITZDUCTORconnect for fire alarm systems

Protection of all interfaces to the control panel is a top priority with fire alarm systems  This applies to the line and communication technology as well as the fire brigade periphery.

BLITZDUCTORconnect for protecting:

  • Fire control panel
  • Detector groups, bus and communication lines
  • Indicator and operating panels of the fire brigade periphery 
    Fire brigade key depot, release element, fire brigade information and operating system (FIBS)
  • Transmission and telecommunication systems

Easy and safe maintenance

Particularly practical:

The signal is interrupted by pulling out the arrester module, turning it 180° and plugging it into the base part again.

This ensures quick and easy measuring without tools.

A considerable time advantage.


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