Services for PV systems

Creating lightning protection concepts

We will be pleased to create comprehensive and individual protection concepts for rooftop, free field or stand-alone photovoltaic systems. Take advantage of the comprehensive DEHNconcept service portfolio.

→ More information on DEHNconcept – Planning of lightning protection systems

Testing of systems and components

The DEHN test centre is one of the most powerful impulse current laboratories worldwide. It allows to thoroughly test inverters and mounting systems: Lightning current tests can be performed up to 400 kA.

Prüfung von PV-Komponenten

Our portfolio also includes assessment and testing of the PV mounting system as a natural component of the down conductor of a lightning protection system including artificial ageing of the components.

PV simulator for realistic tests

Devices and components used in PV systems must be tailored to meet the special requirements of PV systems. The practical behaviour must be tested in realistic laboratory simulations particularly in case of devices which take over protective and switching functions in PV systems.

Experience has shown that conventional d.c. sources are not suited for exactly simulating the behaviour of PV system components. For this reason, the DEHN test centre features a simulator which is specifically designed for PV requirements. Its dynamic i/u characteristic allows to realistically simulate switching processes in PV systems.

Technical parameters

Our current PV simulator allows to perform tests for

  • Overcurrent protective devices
  • Surge protective devices and
  • Mechanical switching devices

with individual values up to UOC = 1500 V, ISC = 100 A, P = 150 KWp.

→ More information on the DEHN Test Centre