Safe working - 5 safety rules

Make sure to always keep in mind these lifesaving principles.

Safe working according to the five safety rules:

1Disconnect completely
Easy, user-friendly and safe working with switching sticks or fuse tongs
Product details:
Switching sticks
Fuse tongs
Insulating Stick Kit
Switching stick, fuse tong
Insulating Stick Kit
2Secure against re-connection
Insulating plugs for screw inserts, insulating blades for NH fuse holders and lock-out elements for miniature circuit breakers
Product details:
Insulating plug
Insulating blade
Lock-out element
Set of Warning Signs
Insulating plug
3Verify that the installation is dead
By means of easy-to-use voltage detectors and voltage indicators with reliable indication
Product details:
PHE III voltage detector
Voltage Detector Kit
Voltage detectors
4Carry out earthing and short-circuiting
Using installation-specific devices
Product details:
Earthing stick
Simply configure your earthing and short- circuiting device online
Online configurator
Short circuiting device
5Provide protection against adjacent live parts
Protective shutter for providing protection against adjacent live parts
Product details:
Protective shutter
Template for Insulating Protective Shutters PDF [0.7 MB]
Provide protection against adjacent live parts

Be it for live or dead working: we offer suitable equipment for work according to the five safety rules.