DEHN products installed in telecontrol solutions

WAGO offers measuring, control and telecontrol systems protected with DEHN surge protective devices in a single solution. This innovative system allows network analysis, integration of electronic meters, short-circuit indicators and communication devices in intelligent substations. As an international provider of connection and automation systems, WAGO sets standards for power generation and distribution with its new product ideas.

To ensure the system availability required in these markets, the WAGO telecontrol solution is protected against surges by DEHN arresters. To this end, surge arresters for power supply systems and arresters which are specifically tailored to wireless applications for device and antenna interfaces are used.

   Source: WAGO
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Protection concepts for longitudinal voltage regulators

The goal of the company A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG is to provide measuring, control and registration solutions for transformers and Petersen coils. To this end, A. Eberle relies on lightning and surge protection from DEHN.

A. Eberle developed the low-voltage regulation system LVRSysTM as a cost-effective alternative to grid expansion. It can be economically used in low-voltage systems where the short-circuit power is sufficient, but where there are voltage stability problems. The systems are exposed to direct lightning strikes to the overhead line. To protect the sensitive semiconductor, A. Eberle uses lightning current and surge arresters from DEHN.

  Source: A. Eberle
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DEHN surge protection for LED street lights

The Langmatz fuse box EK480 with integrated surge protective devices from DEHN is used in LED street light masts. Thus, luminaires with high-quality electronic systems can be effectively protected against surges caused by switching operations or nearby lightning strikes. The two-pole DEHNcord surge protective device with monitoring system and disconnector is integrated in these fuse boxes. DEHNcord stands out due to its compact design and space-saving installation.


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Source: Langmatz