External lightning protection and equipotential bonding

Components for complete lightning protection systems

DEHN offers components for a complete lightning protection system ranging from the earth-termination system to the air-termination system. This also includes components for the functional equipotential bonding and lightning equipotential bonding system.


Fixed earthing terminals
For installation into concrete as corrosion-free connection to the
earth-termination system
fixed earthing terminalConductors
Round wires, strips and cables according to EN 62561-2, different materials and diameters
Equipotential bonding bars
For the protective and functional equipotential bonding according
to IEC 60364-4-41/60364-5-54
(DIN VDE 0100-410/540)
equipotentail bonding barEarth rods
DEHN earth rods have a self-locking coupling with bore and pin
earth rod
For connection of round and flat conductors to fixed earthing terminals
clampsAir-termination rods
For protecting roof-mounted structures, chimneys, etc., also for erection with concrete base
air-termination rod